Choice o Choice that the Question

Good evening all my favorite people , let me be the first to give apology for not have the time to write this amazing blog . I have decide that I am going to make the change’s that are needed so I can share with all of you the information about my success .It is a big honor for us to be able to sit here share the information with you about the newest cleaning product that has been design right in my kitchen . I am going to let you know that during this post their is going to … Continue reading Choice o Choice that the Question

Here are 15 amazing tip for Cleaning part 2

Good evening all my fellow Cleaner’s I am sitting here doing something that I love to do is clean and blog about cleaning which are the most unusual thing to enjoy right but I can not help my self . So here is Part 2 of the 15 amazing tips for cleaning . I hope that you enjoy the reading and I encourage you to share any tips that you have used in your own house . So let get started . 1)Scrub your shower doors with lemon and salt- Before I answer this one I would like to give … Continue reading Here are 15 amazing tip for Cleaning part 2

Here are 15 amazing tip for Cleaning issues 5

Good morning everyone it is my pleasure to share some amazing tips that I have tried and use in my own cleaning business and with the ending of the Coronavirus which we still need to take some precaution at our home and in public than ever before- giving your a daily deep clean has never been as pressing out a priority as it has been the last 18 months . However, just because you’re cleaning your home a lot more does not mean you need to spend more time on that often thankless task. As a housekeeper I have started … Continue reading Here are 15 amazing tip for Cleaning issues 5

The Many use of Apple Cider Vinegar Issue 3

Hey everyone I am so very excited to be sitting here getting ready to talk about the greatest joy of Apple Cider Vinegar and let me tell you that the possibities are endless . I mean I was shock to know that it you are able To Treat Body Odor or get the order out of the bathroom . I am know all to well about the body odor because everyone who is reading my blog know that I am self-employed housekeeper/maid so doing the physical work you work up a sweat . What I did not know was that … Continue reading The Many use of Apple Cider Vinegar Issue 3

Do you need a Cinderella!

Welcome to my blog it my greatest pleasure to be sitting here writing this post . I am pretty sure that you are familiar with the Disney character Cinderella  who is a young woman with medium- length strawberry -blondish hair, with a deep blue eyes and a pretty decent complexion . She lose her father, and is forced into to clean her child hood home is tormented by the evil stepmother . Well what if I told you that in today world with needing a two person income just to support your home your children and your lifestyle . But … Continue reading Do you need a Cinderella!